WELCOME to Maribay Designs Online!
Dear Maribay customers,
We are in full production in the facility and all our products can be found online. For custom items, please call Maribay Designs directly. Please note that since the pandemic began, our vinyl and nylon items are very popular. They are easy to clean and maintain and also stand up well to disinfectants. Despite supply-chain bottlenecks, we are doing our best to make sure you receive your items in a timely fashion and we sincerely appreciate your patience.
We're sure that you've seen on the news that the prices of raw materials and freight have skyrocketed during the pandemic; in some cases more than tripled! We are committed to absorbing most of those changes and keeping our products affordable. You count on us to provide you with the highest quality individually crafted products at manufacturer wholesale cost, and we are here to serve and support you in your provision of childcare services!

Please stay safe and healthy. We hope to hear from you soon!
The Maribay Designs Team
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Unfortunately, due to shipping and importing issues, most of the furniture we would import from the USA is currently unavailable.
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